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J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan and Wendy (Sterling, 2010) is a reissue of Barrie's original 1911 story - which I highly recommend in lieu of later adaptations. The story is deeper and more compelling, and the wording much richer. It's also, however - be warned - politically incorrect: for example, it's a hotbed of gender stereotypes (Wendy doesn't get a cutlass) and Tiger Lily's tribe is collectively referred to as redskins.” Still, it would be a shame to miss a wonderful classic over this; and the questionable bits are great springboards for discussion.

Synopsis: It is rare that I am as disappointed with a movie as I was with this one - Hook fails on about 40 distinctly unique levels, not the least of which is that Peter Pan apparently grew up to be a jerk of a lawyer. Synopsis: In the years after the American Revolution, as the fledgling nation struggled to establish itself, one of the greatest threats to its power and prestige came from the unlikeliest of places. Sailing from the Barbary Coast of North Africa, pirates preyed on ships of all nations, but their toll on America was devastating. Survival Status: Although a theatrical trailer for the serial survives, the actual film itself is presumed lost.

The main features of the Pirate Kings game are stealing and attacking Facebook friends and other random players from around the word - creating a community of savage pirates playing and competing against each other and become the Cash King. Discover and unlock new amazing islands. Buy items from the Island Shop to complete your island and continue to the next island on the map.

Jelly Button isn't content with just making one viral game. Shani and Saranga say that growth in Southeast Asian countries has spurred the team to localize Pirate Kings for the region in order to provide better experiences to the community there. It will also be launching a new title following Pirate Kings' worldwide launch in 2015. Pirate Soul This web site belongs to the Pirate Soul Museum, Key West, to the Pirate History section for some biographies and lots of interesting pirate facts.

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